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Are there up front cost?

We require the owner to maintain a minimal deposit in the property account.

Are you Licensed?

Yes, our company and agents are licensed with the Texas Real Estate Commission.

Are your repair people employees?

We only use licensed and insured sub-contractors. This removes the possibility of any conflict of interest that may arise.

Can you send my funds to my bank?

Right now our systems do not allow us to do this. We are exploring the options.

How do I know you wont spend large sums of money?

You are protected in the management agreement by a set amount that we cannot exceed without owner approval.

How do you determine the rent amount?

Rental amounts are determined by comparative properties in the neighborhood. Since we manage a large number of properties, we can also use our database to determine rents.

How do you find a tenant?

We list all of our properties in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), advertise, use signage, and the Internet.

How do you qualify a tenant?

Resident must pass a thorough background check. We verify credit, rental, employement and criminal history on each applicant.

How long will it take to lease my home?

This is based on the market conditions at the time the property goes on the market.

How much security deposit do you collect?

Typically, the deposit is the $50 more than one month's rent on single-family homes.

How often do you check the condition of the property?

Interior condition surveys are typically done prior to lease renewal. Other checks may be performed if a vendor notices something “unusual” at the property.

Is there a management agreement?

Our management agreement was written by the Texas Association of Realtors.

What are your fees?

Our fees are determined by the property type and number of units owned. We will be happy to discuss these fees with you.

What credentials do you have?

We have been managing investment real estate for two decades.

What happens in a vacancy?

We survey the condition of the property and start any preventive maintenance or repairs need. Then marketing for a new resident begins.

What if the tenant does damage to my property?

The Resident will be responsible for all damages beyond normal wear and tear.

When do you mail owner's check and statement?

Owner’s checks and statements are mailed on or before the 15th of the month.

Who holds the tenant's deposit?

We hold the tenant's deposit and process the return for you


"They are knowledgeable professionals who look out for our best interests. They find the right tenant and are available at all times and answer questions promptly. I recommend The Property Management Company to anyone who is looking for a property manager in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Area."

- Client Testimonial

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